Picture Quote 6 – ‘Don’t make things complicated…’



Exactly what it says on the ‘tin’….KEEP IT SIMPLE. When you ride everything  is about moving the feet…forward, back, left or right AND combinations of all of these…SIMPLE…but not always EASY 🙂

I’ve found a good way to practise my own body dynamics for riding is when I’m out walking. I simulate the move I want to try out with my horse BEFORE riding him and it really helps me to know what he will be doing with his feet so that I don’t get in his way when I ask him to try a manoeuvre. It’s worked so far for shoulders-in, hindquarters-in, leg yields, transitions, turns, sidepass, turns on forehand and hindquarters and simple lead changes. I have also done flying lead change simulations so that hopefully one day that will happen too and my body will be ready for it.

By getting my own body dynamics together with how I know my reins and legs move and support my horses body then hopefully it should be simple to get the move I am trying to do.

  • Shelley – HorseSavvy