Comfort Zone Training – part 7

This last session of the 1st unit of CZT has been good,  I rode Solly in the top round pen BAREBACK which is a rare thing for us but it felt GOOD doing it and testing all that we’ve done over the last 6 sessions, it was only a short session so I put another quick session in at the lower field round pen where we did some bareback and bridleless riding. It was very good to feel confident to do this, to be in a comfort zone of the round pen but doing something above and beyond normal riding in bridle and saddle and it also was good to check in with our balance.

Image00136 Image00095





Balance is everything, balance of our connection, of draw/drive, of forward/back, of up/down transitions, of left/right and balance of our emotions.







The next training session will be the start of the next CZ ‘unit’. It will start in the area we worked in today but it will progress to the gate area and  beyond so that we can progress OUT of our present CZ field and into the ‘LEARNING ZONE’…in this zone we learn to take the familiar into the unfamiliar and work until the unfamiliar is familiar thereby widening our CZ.

For more info on Comfort Zones go to my TRAINING TIPS:  ‘Stepping out of your Comfort Zone to Progress’

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