Comfort Zone Training – 2nd Unit – Session 6

Sixth Session:

Sixth session of this week and overall the 13th session from the start of my CZT blog posts. Last session had the first riding outside the field and today I visualised a ride in the lower field, mainly because it’s nice and flat and I thought it might be easier taking away ‘going downhill’ off my ‘out of CZ’ list AND because the horses lived in this field a few years ago so we remember riding in it quite a lot.

SO…what did we do today? Here’s some pics and a write up of the days fun.




Started off with a nice walk in-hand with Solly accompanied by Mark and Stormy on the walk we did a while back…to the log piles.

In the first, lower field, we played around with circles, COD’s and half circles on the move. He was listening, willing and relaxed and I was checking his body language to make sure it stayed that way.



He then spooked, spun and ran across my walk line and stared at the high bank to our right….I couldn’t see anything BUT then saw movement…..a fallow deer buck was up there and when it Image00045 moved it spooked Solly. This is why I do the in-hand games and I was SO glad I wasn’t riding, not sure I could have kept my seat to that…he doesn’t often go FAR but by golly gosh he’s SO FAST!!!

SO…after that we played a bit more with circles and side passing to regain our composure and relaxation and then we moved on, out of the field, up a steep hill and back to the ‘log piles’. We decided to walk the other side of the log piles today and had to walk along a very narrow piece between logs and stream to get back onto the track, Mark went first with Stormy which went well and then when Solly and I were just about to go over it about 6 sheep skitter around the pile from the other side and in front of us making both Solly and I jump!!! My heart went to my mouth but then we breathe out quickly, Solly, after initial jump just stands and watches as I do the same, the sheep stop coming and we slowly go around the logs and carry on our walk.



Today we walk one field further towards home. Horses were high headed checking out all the sheep moving a round and when we get to the next gateway we stop, relax and allow the horses to graze a bit. Going back the same way was good, we went exactly the same way back SO we stretched our CZ two ways….once walking the ‘other’ side of the logs and secondly walking further along the track…progress feels good 🙂




Image00079Just like I visualised Image00077yesterday and this morning, I rode in the lower, flat field. I got on at the gate and rode some circles, fig 8’s and moved forehand and hq’s regularly.




The fig 8 circles became wider and covering a nice amount of space and we used the pattern as an approach/retreat strategy for our CZ, which was by the gateway.

Image00099 Image00102 Image00103 Image00106



A very nice ride, calm and with purpose. Solly and I were connected and working harmoniously.




A very happy rider and horse today 🙂

  • Shelley – HorseSavvy