Other Hand Exercises – Week 4


Already week 4  and I hope you’ve had some success with the other weeks exercises, just to remind you here is a short list of things we’ve done already:

  1. Stirring things – with drinks, doing dogs and horses feeds, when cooking or baking,
  2. Brushing things – Using your knife when buttering, your hair and also your teeth.
  3. Writing and Computer things – Using your computer mouse, using OH on your tablet, even try painting or sewing.


Now onto week 4 – Clothing and household skills.

Beginners: Use and carry cups and plates with OH. Sitting on the sofa with your legs under you…change the leg you sit on regularly to keep your body even.

Medium: Dish out your meals, cakes, biscuits with OH. Change the lead hand or leg when dressing so that you put your shirt and trousers on with OH hand/arm/leg first for a change.

Advanced: Use your kettle and tip/serve from saucepans with OH. Regularly change crossing your legs or arms to the Other Hand/Leg, it will feel strange at first but keep at it.
NOTE: Remember to try these slowly, adjust your body and your mind to working in a different way and build on things slowly, go from the beginners test to the medium and up to advanced in your own speed and time but remember ‘Practise makes Progress’ so keep at it.

  • Shelley – HorseSavvy