Looking for a New Horse


Questions, questions…always questions when thinking or talking about getting a new herd member. What breed, sex, colour? what temperament, spirit, personality? height, age, training done? All of these and more have been circling in my mind just thinking about making the decision to maybe THINK about getting a new horse and herd member 🙂

BUT…what am I actually looking for in a horse when I go out looking at potential partners?


  1. HEIGHT: 16.hh + for me to feel comfortable that it can take my height and weight. For me the front legs say a lot and I look for a squarer top to the chest from the legs, which says to me it’s a ‘heavier’ type of horse rather than a thinner type of horse who has a upside down V shape at the top of legs/chest.
  2. AGE: 4-7 years so that it’s had a start but I can put the foundation of ground work, bitless riding and agility there.
  3. GOOD START: I’m looking for a horse that has had a good start in life (I don’t want a huge project with a horse that is fearful of life).
  4. CURIOUS: I’ll be looking at responses not reactions. seeing if the horse has an interest in surrounds, is not spooky or reactionary and hopefully naturally attracted to me for that all important connection.
  5. PERSONALITY / SPIRIT:  I’m looking at spirit and personality of the horse. I would like a thinking horse (left brained) with a medium spirit (introvert = extrovert)
  6. WHORLS: I will be looking at face and body whorls and will try some horsemanship ‘tests’ to see if it responds or reacts, how big or small a reaction and how it takes to maybe learning one new thing to show me how that process affects it.
  7. Sex/Colour/Looks: just don’t come into it 🙂


What am I wanting to do with new horse? Well, a bit of everything really. I would love to hack out again with Mark and Stormy but also I love teaching and I want a new horse to be able to enjoy that process with me. I would like to be able to teach some lateral/dressage moves for flexibility and good body dynamics and also that it enjoys a wee jump. A good all rounder and a happy riding horse hopefully.


I will have to look beyond what I see initially and think about how I could organise progress for the horse. I want a horse I love and that loves me, that’s very important in the mix of things 🙂


  • Shelley – HorseSavvy