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The following tutorials are in the universal mp4 format for any device and are available for direct download. Following your secure payment via PayPal, you will be returned immediately to the download page for your chosen tutorial.

Because each download has a seperate page these videos must be purchased one by one.


HorseSavvy Horsemanship Skills 1

1 Theory - £5

Criteria, Horse Personalities, Equipment, Cue Phases and the Teaching Ladder.

2 Basics - £5

Showing reward training and haltering.

3 Online Familiarization - £9

Helping a horse get used to things in Humansville.

4 Online Feel - £9

Showing touch cues for lightness and getting ready to ride.

5 Online Focus - £9

Showing intent, focus energy cues for moving horse without touching.

6 Ridden Familiarization - £9

Showing how to take the online work to ridden work.

7 Ridden Feel - £9

Showing how the online cues work for riding.


Liberty Skills

1 Online Basics - £5

Showing online techniques for liberty cues.

2 Liberty Basics - £5

The first 6 lessons shown at liberty.

3 Advanced Techniques - £5

Communication from nose to tail online and at liberty.

4 Refined Demos - £5

Fun with obstacles and larger areas.

5 Treat Training - £5

Reward Training techniques.


Bitless Skills

1 Bridles - £5

Showing a selection of bitless bridles and how they work.

2 Groundwork Basics - £5

Groundwork techniques including breath cues and long-reining.

3 Riding Basics - £5

Bitless riding basics including rein, leg and foot cues.

4 Riding Refined - £5

Refining basic horsemanship and bitless skills you now have.


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