Bella – March 2021

Mon 1st March

Out to see horses this afternoon and tried out a bit of Online then Liberty play with Bella in the round pens.












Tues 2nd March

Another fine day for a play session with Bella and also Stormy. Mark came down too and took some fab pictures πŸ˜‰


First did some xtreme familiarisation….
going under Bella’s tummy. She was a supastar




We started off working with a neck rope and she did so well, backing through the roundpen gate, going under the arch…





…over the trot poles and tarp too…





…and not bad through the curtain.

Enjoyed some scratches, treats and lots of stops to help her think about it all.



Then we tried some liberty but she mostly had a spring-time yeehaa so just let her do that before anything else….












Then I gave Bella a rest and played at liberty with big Stormy who really enjoyed it and did a great job πŸ˜‰









THEN….I played with Bella at liberty a bit and also ended online to finish on a solid good note πŸ˜‰


< Waiting to be haltered

Draw through the curtain >




< Nice jump

Canter circle >




< Trot poles

Trot over tarp >




< Circle with nice bend in body

Canter over tarp >




< Through curtain again for good measure

Sidepass over drainpipe >




< Sidepass other way

Back up through narrow gateway >





Weds 3rd March

Today I had a game plan….to work through agility again online and then at ‘half-liberty’…which meant that our liberty session would be without the lead rope but leaving the halter on.

I tried this as I know Bella works really well in-hand/online but has never done liberty work and when I set her free she often has a lot of yeehaa time, which I don’t mind, but we loose our ‘focus-connetion’. SO the idea that she can be free to move away if she wants to but still haltered where she understands to ‘stay with me’ is a compromise I think we can work on until we keep that important ‘focus-connection’ for longer. It is a bit of a ‘learned behaviour’ to do as asked haltered but it’s better to work one step at a time for her confidence and not blow yeehaa’s everytime her halter is off or that learned behaviour will stay.

Here’s some pics I took while she went around the agility at ‘half-liberty’….she did really well πŸ˜‰


< Nice draw over trot poles

Easily under the arch >





< Walked onto/over the tarp

Nice trot/jump >





< Asked her to draw through the curtain…

after she thought about it for a while she did so beautifully at a trot >





Thurs 4th March

Chilly day but managed to ride Stormy and play with Bella at liberty again (with halter….which is working really well) here’s some pics…


Groomed and saddled, ready to rock and roll

Ride the rain circles using ‘cowboy’ reins…meaning I used one hand and worked with neck reining and loose reins.



Nice Lateral Flex and then onto some clover leaf…taking it all in walk to start with.




Enjoying Big Storm..he’s always a nice ride


Onto some trot P2P’s between cones scattered around the field πŸ˜‰






Bella working so well at liberty with halter on, our connection stays better and so does her concentration…through arch, over tarp…





Finding curiosity with the curtain and going through it very well and multiple times…






…and again πŸ™‚ clever girl

Jump was good too, had distant communication which is a first and she turned and drew back to me immediatley after the jump today πŸ™‚




Here is a short video of her with the curtain today:


Sat 6th March


Today was hoof trimming day. Mark trimmed Stormy and I did Bella’s front feet (back one’s tomorrow…saves my bad back from being sore) and then I had a very short, sweet, bareback plod around on Bella just for a bit of fun together πŸ˜‰


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Bella – February 2021

A lot of snow has fallen this year so not much going on apart from starting some Mini Challenge video’s (see menu on right)


Sun 21st Feb

The snow finally thawed out with some mild temperatures and a few days of constant rain. SO…..took S&B out for a graze/walk for about an hour.





















Some nice ‘leading from behind’ with Stormy and ‘follow me nicely’ with Bella across the paddock bridge too πŸ™‚











Thu 25th Feb

Managed a nice short hack out today with Mark, Storm and Bella. Was our first hack of the year and it went really well πŸ˜‰






































Sat 27th Feb

WOW…time to take horses back to their big Summer grazing πŸ˜‰ Mark did a great job riding Storm while leading Bella and I think the horses were happy to be home again πŸ™‚



























































Sun 28th Feb

Went down to the horses midday today to set up some agility obstacles in the two large round pens. Sorted that then went and groomed Storm and Bella and then they decided to treat me to some fun play…all on their own initiative too πŸ™‚ HOW KOOLIO are these 2 πŸ™‚
















Great start to the year πŸ™‚


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Mini Challenges (1 – online)

#1: Ground Tie


Β #2 – Bridle/Halter while sitting down


#3 – Picking up horses feet (get to where you can do all 4 from one side)


#4 – Familiarisation at Liberty with small horseman’s flag


#5 – Huggles


#6 – Saddle with Savvy


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