HorseSavvy Horsemanship Skills 1 DVD SetHorseSavvy HORSEMANSHIP Skills 1 – 3 x DVD SET

Over 4 1/2 hours of private tuition at your fingertips that can be revisited over and over again, for less than the price of two live lessons. Comes with a Quick Reminder Booklet that slips easily into your pocket for handy reference in the field, plus a HorseSavvy Criteria card. From groundwork to riding and an extensive Demo DVD for inspiration.


Price: £20 + p&p


Liberty Skills DVDHorseSavvy LIBERTY Skills

1½ hours of tuition showing how to take your online cues to liberty work. From being next to your horse to behind him and how to have fun through agility play.


Price: £10 + p&p.

Horse Savvy Bitless DVDHorseSavvvy BITLESS Skills DVD

1½ hours of tuition going through basic ground work, long reining, basic riding and onto refined riding, this dvd will help teach you breathing cues, one rein stop, weight aids and much much more. Includes a quick reminder leaflet to help you remember things in the field/arena. Shows riding in a rope halter, Karen Rohlf Bitless Halter, Dr Cooks, Cynthia Cooper’s Light Rider and Sue Thomas’s Transcend Double Bitless Bridle.


Price: £10 + p&p.