I met Shelley when I was getting started with my first horse. I’d previously had ponies as a child handed to me as ‘problem ponies’, but finally after pestering my parents for years I was allowed my own horse. I was already curious and interested in doing things with a more open mind and working with the horse, rather than forcing; this is where Shelley came in! Meeting Shelley was transformational for me. She was the bridge that took me from the ideas and initial information I had, to achieving those goals. I went on to successfully compete in regional, National and International events with my horse. Loading was never an issue, fillers, water trays, ditches, staying over night in strange stables on the show site – you name it. Nothing phased my horse as we had that foundation there already.

Shelley not only helped me build the communication and trust with my horse. She was also my mentor in starting my first horse – who I first sat on bareback and only a head collar. If I hadn’t had the previous training and guidance from Shelley, I don’t know if I would have had the competence or knowledge to work so safely and successfully.

Working with Shelley was pivotal to my future career in horses. If you’re in any doubt about working with Shelley, don’t be. It doesn’t matter what discipline you’re in (I was in affiliated British Eventing) you will massively benefit from Shelley’s knowledge and teaching. 100% recommended. Jen – Argyll

horse-separatorI use your strategies every time I come into contact or handle any horse. It helped me pass my animal handling vet exams 2 weeks ago – it’s just a way that works for every animal. I was on placement last week but yesterday I had time to bring Wally from the field for the first time in 6 months into the school and he did every game perfectly first time. You name it familiarization, draw and drive, stick-to-me, circling, fig of 8’s, liberty and then as I walked to take my jumper off, I turned around to find him standing over a pole with a hind foot at either side of it. Even after all that time, he hadn’t forgotten – in fact he enjoyed being in the school for the first time ever. Was an awesome 20 minutes… Jess (Aberdeeenshire)

horse-separatorI have been a student of Shelley for a few years now and have always found her to be very accessible and willing to give extra help where needed, she is a great teacher and has the ability to grab and keep students’ attention. Shelley always explains things clearly and ensures full participation from her students. Her boundless enthusiasm lights up every lesson and she likes to get to know her students and their horses to make them feel comfortable. She has always taught at a level that is achievable for students using her innovative and inclusive teaching style borne from over 10 years experience. She is always conscious of what motivates me as a student and has the ability to get the best out of both me and my horse. Shelley is a dedicated and professional instructor and it’s my pleasure to have her as my teacher, mentor and best of all my friend. Avril – Perthshire.

horse-separatorI had no idea what to expect from my first lesson with Shelley as I didn’t know anyone that had had lessons with her previously. It was definitely a risk worth taking! She gave me lots of new ideas and really pushed me (in a good way) to improve my horsemanship skills and her sense of humour made my lessons so much fun. My horses and I are all the better for our Shelley lessons and her guidance and advice are second to none. When my foal was born, it was Shelley I immediately turned to to help me as I knew she was the one person I trusted 100% to get it right….and she did. Laura – Fife.

horse-separatorShelley has a passionate interest in helping people and horses to understand each other. She teaches this vital skill with a patient step by step individual approach which builds confidence, mutual trust and leadership. Her first set of DVDs explain the structure of her course and then she proceeds through the series of skills on the ground and ridden which form the basis of her programme. If you are already familiar with her work it will act as an inspirational aide memoire to keep you on track, if you are new to it there is much to improve your understanding of natural horsemanship. Mary – Aberdeenshire.


You have taught me so much and my girlie is showing this through her willingness to learn with me and both being able to go outside of our comfort zone!! You really are an inspiration – your gentle approach to the horse is lovely to watch and I feel very lucky to have found you on my journey with Inca. 🙂 xxx Dominique / Auchterarder.


I purchased this set of 3 DVDs after having training sessions with Shelley over the summer months in 2015, however they are very easy to follow even if you have not had one to one ‘horsesavvy’ sessions. I have found the techniques invaluable in establishing a better relationship and understanding with my horses. The DVDs are excellent because they are incredibly PRACTICAL. The techniques are things that I now use in every day interaction and handling and have become part of the ‘language’ between me and my horses who are all very different personalities. I am no longer being trampled in a rush for food or walked through by my tank of an alpha mare. We have established mutual respect and boundaries. Those are the basics but so incredibly important and everything else is built from that point. I am now working on lightness and responsiveness in hand and ridden and the DVD’s are a great resource to keep me on track with simple, well explained examples which have now become my horsey bible. Kathryn – Dunkeld.

horse-separatorShelley has been a valuable part of my horsemanship journey for several years now. I found her when I was “lost” in other horsemanship systems and she patiently guided my horses and I to our true potential with only one lesson a year – oh how I wish I lived nearer! Her straightforward way of teaching and her amazing patience and ability to keep you focussed when you think your brain won’t take in any more information have turned me into a more sympathetic and confident rider on a horse who seems to trust me implicitly I never dreamed I could ride my 17hh showjumper without a bridle on but I can with Shelley’s help!! Elaine – Dumfries & Galloway.

horse-separatorShelley has been a great mentor for me and my horse over the last 4 years from starting out on groundwork online to refining our liberty skills. She explains things clearly and is very patient! Shelley has helped me immensely and I am very grateful for all her help. Libby – Edinburgh.

horse-separatorShelley is a very empathetic and encouraging teacher who builds confidence in both you and your horse. You will find yourself moving towards and achieving your goals under her instruction. Mary – Edinburgh.