Bella’s Challenges 2020

I’ve been posting some ‘Challenges’ on my FB HorseSavvy group to help others learn to play with their horses whilst we’re all on ‘lockdown’ with the Coronavirus. Here are the video’s Bella and I put together for each Challenge.


The 1st Challenge was to do as many things with a TARP…here is Bella’s video…

It was a lot of fun and used a LOT of my imagination. I was SO proud of all the things she did that until that day she’d never done before as we didn’t practise it. What a fab girlie she is 🙂


Our 2nd Challenge is a POLE, this was done about a week after the first challenge…

This was a very interesting challenge and one we had a lot of fun putting together


Our 3rd Challenge is to show the best 10 things you can do with 4 cones…

This challenge was fab, really had to dig deep to think of 10 great things to try with the 4 cones. Most of the things we did Bella had never ever practised before, she is becomming great at reading my focus, energy and body language as she tried her heart out and managed to do some really amazing things that can take other horses a long long time to learn…very proud of her 🙂


This was quite a fun challenge as Bella, before this video, had only seen the ball once before and for only a short time. I was very impressed with her calmness around it, not bothered with it under, in front or behind or even over her. What a good girl she was and gave me confidence that she is not a spooky girl with strange things, which also told me that we have this gaining trust which is so lovely 😉



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