Bella – Familiarisation with a Syringe

I have been ‘apple saucing’ with a syringe for years now to help each horse hopefully just get used to syringes so that worming, when I need to do it, is a little less stressful for them. Bella hasn’t been wormed since being here as we worm count and she’s not needed it BUT in Winter we need to worm for encysted redworms as these aren’t found on worm counts SO…we need to prepare Bella before we need to do it.

Here is our first video starting our apple sauce journey…


We’ve been apple saucing every day, here is a short video of our 5th session today. She is now looking for the syringe and apple sauce, she doesn’t like the feel of the plastic syringe on her front teeth, or the sound of it…she’s very sensitive to sounds, but is making good progress with this familiarisation. On Friday (2 days time) we will worm both of them and continue a couple of days afer with the apple sauce.


  • Shelley – HorseSavvy



Bella – Familiarisation with Velcro

Bella is worried by the sound of Velcro and it’s everywhere nowadays…gloves, her rugs, jackets etc SO I have started treat training sessions for her, this is the first one, hopefully after some training consistency we’ll do a progress video to show how it’s going 🙂


  • Shelley – HorseSavvy


Bella’s Lesson 4 Video – Backing & Starting Bitless Riding

This is the 2nd time I’ve backed and walked her on but the first time (2 days before this one) she didn’t understand how to move forward due to the difference in balance with my weight on her, this video is only 2 days later and although she is stop/starting a lot there is much more understanding with her balance and my cues. I look forward to helping her learn more riding skills as we go along our journey together 🙂


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Bella’s Lesson 3 Video

This is Bella’s 3rd lesson video. We’ve got all the basic ABC’s of HorseSavvy Horsemanship under her hooves now and we’ll be progressing each game for lightness, politeness and then higher gaits and longer ropes…..having fun and think she is too 🙂



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Bella’s First Backing Video

I’ve been laying over Bella’s back and sat on her a couple of times once with me sitting on her with Mark walking her in-hand a bit and also had Mark sitting on her and the start of walking forward, this video is the first time I sat on her and asked her to walk on. She seems a bit off balance and unsure but by taking it slowly she will get there, her confidence and relaxation are the most important things going forward 😉

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Bella’s Lesson 1 Video

Here is Bella’s first lesson video, we started the basics of HS NH on the 18th of July ’19 and its been progressing nicely.


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