Bella Lesson 9 Video

Bella’s training is going really well, we’ve had her just over a year now and her confidence about what we’re asking her is just lovely to watch. This video shows how the games we started with a year ago are progressing and shows just how far she’s come with understanding it all now. Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy playing πŸ˜‰



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Bella Lesson 8 Video

Update on our Riding skills. These patterns used with my focus/energy/weight/leg cues will encourage Bella to turn with those cues and I’ll be using my reins less and less.

  1. Corners. This is the updated version of P2Ps, now without the obstacle we focus on the corners and use them for a breath halt and trying not to use the reins unless needed.
  2. X-Box. Using the centre as X where things change….direction, gait, pattern.
  3. Clover Leaf. Straight lines and curves again using X as the centre to halt after the rotations of the leaf pattern thereby building more walk and trot and less halt.


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Bella’s Lesson – Moving Circles with P2Ps

We tried these moving circles with P2P’s touch it’s to the jump wing obstacles a couple of days ago and she was sceptical and took a while to figure out the new pattern even though she knows all the parts of it. Putting more games together now is making our conversations more fluid but it does take time to progress to this refinement.

This video is literally just the 2nd time we’ve done this and I was blown away with the quickness of her learning. I did make sure there was a day between these where she had time to process the information and try again with new knowledge….here it is…



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Bella’s Lesson 7 Video

Here is our latest Lesson Video. We have moved on from the basic Horsemanship moves and starting to put things together more now so our play sessions are more fluid and fun. Bella is learning quickly and has shown a real talent for understanding body language and cues and we’ve gone from walk into trot and starting off canter work too now. I’m very impressed with her and with the knowledge she has now we will progress it more and I’ll put more lessons up as she accomplishes more in her training πŸ™‚



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Bella’s Lesson – Pedestal

Working on all 4 feet on the pedestal with Bella. She has 2 feet easily now and so now I have given her the challenge to bring all four feet up. I am helping her with this but she is slowly figuring it all out in her mind. One day, I know, she will do it on her own, it’s just a matter of time and if she wants to πŸ™‚

Session 1 – Online


Session 2 much later on – At Liberty


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Bella’s Lesson 6 Video

We’ve been doing really nice ground work and getting better with our riding so today, as we’re moving along, I wanted to make sure we had a ‘sidle to th the mounting block’ as if she moves I have no way of getting her back to the block without getting off the block and squaring her up again. I didn’t want to do it before as I wanted to get our connection and partnership better. SO, here is the lesson video of ‘sidle up to the mounting block’ πŸ™‚



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Bella’s Lesson 5 Video – Stage 1 Assessment

Here is Bella’s Stage 1 assessment. I like to do these for all horses to check where we are with training and to give myself permission to progress. Here is herΒ  Ground work assessment video…. PASSED


And the next day I did her Stage 1 ridden part…. PASSED



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Bella’s Lesson – Undemanding Time, Mirroring and Liberty

This is one of the first lessons on trying to really Connect to Bella at Liberty. It’s so worth taking some quite time out to let a horse smell you, figure you out a bit and to hang together finding friendship. I also want to see her become more curious about everything as this will help her bravery…So, here is our UndemandingΒ  Time session with the beginnings of some Mirroring and Stick 2 me at Liberty…..



After working a bit on Undemanding Time, Mirroring and Liberty the other day I did a small, calm session online and then back to Liberty.
Things I learned:
  1. Bella’a Liberty and Connection are better once we’ve done a bit of online connection first
  2. She is food orientated so treat training works for her
  3. Because she’s food orientated I need to train a cue then get off the treats quickly and reward her for new things, relaxation, clarity and not all the time or she gets TOO focused on the treats and she needs to start learning to focus on the ‘click’
Good session and hopefully when the weather starts to clear again we can do another session of UT, M & OL-L

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Bella – Familiarisation with a Syringe

I have been ‘apple saucing’ with a syringe for years now to help each horse hopefully just get used to syringes so that worming, when I need to do it, is a little less stressful for them. Bella hasn’t been wormed since being here as we worm count and she’s not needed it BUT in Winter we need to worm for encysted redworms as these aren’t found on worm counts SO…we need to prepare Bella before we need to do it.

Here is our first video starting our apple sauce journey…


We’ve been apple saucing every day, here is a short video of our 5th session today. She is now looking for the syringe and apple sauce, she doesn’t like the feel of the plastic syringe on her front teeth, or the sound of it…she’s very sensitive to sounds, but is making good progress with this familiarisation. On Friday (2 days time) we will worm both of them and continue a couple of days afer with the apple sauce.


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Bella – Familiarisation with Velcro

Bella is worried by the sound of Velcro and it’s everywhere nowadays…gloves, her rugs, jackets etc SO I have started treat training sessions for her, this is the first one, hopefully after some training consistency we’ll do a progress video to show how it’s going πŸ™‚


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