Spirit – Training Video 3

The 3F’s: Slowly my  Familiarisation, Feel, Focus techniques are working more together, I’m working on trying to connect the cues from a focus first, a thought, a body stance, then some energy and then a feel if necessary and with Familiarisation I’m working on showing Spirit that things that flap, make noise and move don’t mean he has to move, only when I put my own energy towards him it does it mean move..as in when I move my body and flap with my stick/string to encourage forward movement.

Familiarisation: Umbrella and rope over head

Feel: Changing sides with a forehand move, Rope around Spins

Focus: Starting half circles and circles in trot

Again we will practise these particular moves for 7 training days in a row, the first 2 lessons games will also be included now and then so nothing gets left or forgotten.

Lesson 3 


  • Shelley – HorseSavvy