Bella’s Agility Video 7

Today I put together our next agility course and as it has a few things on it we’ve not done for a while I know we’ll have to practise SO, here is Bella’s first practise with the course. Things to work on: 4 feet in hoops, curtain, transitions between bunting lane, t-h transition at end.



  1. Trot over pole square
  2. one foot on small pedestal
  3. stand on big pedestal and sidepass horse around pedestal
  4. 4 hooves in 2 hulahoopos
  5. under curtain
  6. moving fig 8’s
  7. under arch
  8. through bunting lane
  9. halt over pole at end of bunting lane
  10. Trot over pole into square and halt in centre 🙂



  • Shelley- HorseSavvvy



Bella’s Agility Video 6

After a few months off over Winter here is Bella’s 6th Agility course, it was fun and we did have a couple of sessions playing with it as she really likes consistency and learns by repeating things over a few days/weeks 😉


  • Shelley – HorseSavvy



Bella’s Agility Video 5

Last Agility with Bella was in October last year, it’s been 2 and a bit months and we didn’t practise this course at all, just trying it out to see how we get on. I think we did really well 😉

This is the set up of the course:









I also did the same course with big Stormy at LIBERTY, to show what we are working towards….

  • Shelley – HorseSavvy