Comfort Zone Training – part 5



For our fifth session of CZT we went back to the first area, not because of worry but because it was easier to do with the time we had to work on that day.  Everything was smoother from liberty ground work to ridden, Solly was more willing and able and we had some nice impulsion.



SO, things have moved nicely in the right direction and I hope to extend the range of our Comfort Zone outwards to include the next field soon but as we’ve sort of missed Autumn and gone straight into Winter I’ll have to take that into consideration. If the weather deteriorates more then I will be doing mostly ground work in different places to extend our CZ, if the weather becomes milder then the ridden work can continue nicely.







One other thing…I just remembered WHY Solly is a big worried about certain parts of the field!! A week or so ago we came to the field and the boys were all sweated up, we wondered what had caused this, maybe shooting nearby or dogs in field next to ours? Then I remember going to check our water trough and the pipe to it had come off and water was spraying about like a garden sprinkler. I think this happened when Solly was drinking from it and THIS has caused some worry issues in the lower part of the field. I am going to do some ground work training near and then around this obstacle as it may be that he’s not found any relaxation or curiosity about the water sprinkler…just worry and I need to help him sort it out so that it’s not constantly on his mind in that part of the field…SO, approach/retreat to help overcome an issue is imperative 😉


  • Shelley – HorseSavvy