Training Tips: “Place a Foot”

The ability to place a foot of your horse is a great skill to have. It shows you can have an individual conversation with a foot and also that you and your horse are very well connected.

“You get to his mind when you talk to his feet and you get to his feet when you talk to his mind”

If we take that knowledge from ground work to ridden work it will advance our connect-ability to our horse, not only for refining tasks but for refining the way we have those conversations with our horse.

Place a foot 1


Place a foot 4









Working on placing feet today when riding through using direct or indirect reins at the right time for the horse. Being able to place a foot where you need it to be helps the horse balance up for what you’re asking him to do, it shows you’re partnering up with him for those tasks and that will really help keep the mental, emotional and physical connection to your horse…he will really notice that and be able to offer you more.

  • Shelley – HorseSavvy

Place a foot 5 Place a foot 6








Talking to the individual feet of the horse is very important.

Can you ask for just one foot over a pole? Does your horse follow a feel off the rope and halter to know which foot you’re talking to?

Also the same when riding….Do you know which rein controls which foot….what a direct rein is? what an indirect rein is? what a support rein is? what a neck rein is? but more importantly do you know where your weight should be to make moving each foot easier for your horse so that you can partner up and have more harmony?

I love finding fun things to do with individual feet, it really gets into the horses mind.

* Shelley – HorseSavvy


More foot placing fun going on 🙂

Foot 2 Foot 3 Foot 4







Foot 2









Foot 5 Foot 6









  • Shelley – HorseSavvy