Comfort Zone Training – part 6



Today was our 6th CZT session. We did it in the larger area again where we did our 4th session. Today our ground work went very well and apart from the initial ‘getting away from the mounting block’ thing that he seems to have done the last few session, our ridden session was pretty good too.






Firstly our impulsion was there…light off the cues and happy.







Secondly our willingness was there…connected and focused.








Thirdly our flexibility was there…..together in harmony.






And lastly it was FUN. Fun to be in a different area. Fun to have our harmony, focus, willingness and togetherness back.





Short video of some fun doing leg yields today…..few strides one way, straighten up and few strides the other way. Solly and I have to be connected through focus and mind to be able to do this….he looses concentration right at the end!



  • Shelley – HorseSavvy




Picture Quote 9 – “Make a Habit, Break a habit, Make a New Habit”



This fits in very well with the ‘Comfort Zone Training’ series I have just been doing here (look it up on the right side of this Blog).

It reminds us to make good habits with our horses, these habits are the backbone of your training but then you have to break that habit and make a new habit to progress your training. Breaking a habit and incorporating a new bit doesn’t mean leave the original habit behind, it just means you need to move on, even just a step or a minute more, to lengthen/widen the original habit, thereby breaking the original habit and making a new, longer, better, stronger habit.

Habits can be easy things like walking from a stable to the field. First habit would be doing it straight, then you’d break that habit and go for a little walk along a fence THEN into the field, later on you could walk along a fence, down a track and over a stream and back to get to the same field.

It could also be a habit of finding new transitions, more gaits, incorporating lateral work…everything becomes an extension from your original task 🙂

  • Shelley – HorseSavvy