Bella Agility Video 1

Bella has learnt the basic ABC’s of HorseSavvy Horsemanship over the last 8 weeks we’ve owned her and she is progressing really nicely. Using obstacles is a great way to help her understand the HS moves and to bring about another dimension of understanding our ‘cues’ together and I use those obstacles individually and then build to an Agility course where the cues and techniques come together in a more flowing way.

Here is Bella’s 3rd small Agility course, we’ve started to bring in more testing obstacles such as a longer scary corridor,  the arch and the small jump, soon it will have the ‘curtain’ too but only once she’s happier about going under the arch 🙂

Here is the map of Bella’s 1st Agility course

  1. Trot poles
  2. Cone weave
  3. Scary corner
  4. Tarp
  5. Fig 8’s
  6. Labyrinth
  7. 2 feet on pedestal





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