Bella’s Agility Video 4


This is our FIRST attempt at some of these tasks:
1) draw/drive over pole
(done before but she preferred me working in front of her so need to work on being beside her as a S2M task)
2) Carrying Sacks
(first try and she was fine with it)
3) Over Bottle Bank
(first try and she was SO COOL with this task)
4) Trot poles on blocks
(never done poles on blocks and she was fab)
5) Circle in walk both ways
(done before so she did this nicely, her changes of direction are getting really smooth too)
6) Circle in trot both ways
(done before but thinking I need to start working on our 22′ line now)
7) Weave in trot both ways
(such a good girl with such a small-ish circle too)
8) Fig 8’s in trot
(again, just started doing more trot work so I was impressed with her today)
9) Over pedestal/under arch
(putting two tasks together can be hard but she got it okay, did it twice as wanted her to do it better than the first time)
10) Front feet on a carpet square
(put feet on/in things before but new to carpet)
* Shelley – HorseSavvy