Comfort Zone Training – 2nd Unit – Session 4

Forth Session: 




A lovely sunny day at the end of November SO we go out for another walk through the fields for some CZT.






Some okay moments, and some out of CZ moments. Going up and then down the short hill where we had a ‘moment’ last week was still a bit of a worry. Both horses spooked for no apparent reason but we got over and into the next field without incident. To be honest I was glad not to be riding at that moment!




We also went further down the track outside the fields which was good, so distance progress was made.





Mr Solly was pretty good, he had a few ‘high headed’ moments but was only looking which is okay and he didn’t spook at anything apart from that ‘hill’ 😉





We went back following exactly the same route as going out, Mark rode Stormy for a bit but I decided to walk it  as I wasn’t feeling safe.





Mark and his Stormy riding along while we walked calmly 😉





Nearly home and it was a good walk…exhausted and tired but happy to have done the same walk again. We need to go over it again and again now to settle all our nerves on the ‘hill’ part. Maybe go out again tomorrow to see how it goes.







When we got back to the field I rode Solly as I wanted to ride him after all that walking. We did some nice walk weave, leg yields, fig 8’s and over poles but couldn’t do much else as the ground was ROCK HARD and I didn’t want to hurt Sol’s feet. Enjoyed the ride even though short and it was lovely to see Solly riding so nicely with just the rope halter and 22′ line 🙂