Picture Quote 18 – “Practise makes Progress”


Practise is the continually progression of whatever you are learning and learning never stops. Practise needs a keen eye and a feel for practising the small parts of the whole task and to watch out for maybe practising the wrong thing. Doing the wrong thing and continuing is a mistake but figuring out what is a wrong thing and correcting it quickly to a better thing is a Horsemanship Skill which can take practise in itself to know and see. Knowing that progress will involve mistakes and progress keeps us on our toes and hopefully into thinking about how a task is made up, breaking down the pieces of the task, practising those small snipets and then putting it all back together again into the full task.

SO, practise doesn’t make perfect it just takes towards more progress and thereby refinement. Refinement to lightness of cues and  a deeper connection.

  • Shelley – HorseSavvy